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Reasons You Should Invest in Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Industries and workforces are rapidly shifting towards digital processes and practices. Application-focused technological alliances and automation shift is taking process engineering, value upgradation, and customer service trends by massive change. This has been potentially defining ways for businesses to collaborate with the newest of digital possibilities to bring about transformation in how to choose to act, respond, and serve in their operating niche and array of services.

In 2020, government projects and businesses have already accounted for cumulative spending of $2 Trillion in digital transformation and growth plans. This is continually growing to impact their investment agenda and transformation goals around digital sustainability and growth looking at the future possibilities in the digital economy.

To keep you inspired, here are 8 key stats around digital transformation so you get your piece of key takeaway and have a reason to be a part of this revolutionary trend in movement.

  • Videos make 70% of online traffic.

If there’s anything that is growing in terms of creating and displaying content and being consumed across digital platforms and service touchpoints it is video content. Most people looking for content and communication online, are moving towards video engagements on digital streaming services and OTT platforms. Anything on print or without device-operated digital support is a fading practice.

  • 61% of people admit to keeping their phones next to their heads while they sleep.

Well, that’s me all the time. I don’t have a day sleeping without my phone under the pillow. That’s how important, unavoidable, and personal your PDAs have become for you. You have them connecting you with everything around messaging, finance, health tracking, lifestyle, social media, gaming, and whatnot. That’s how important a gadget supporting you with digital communication has become in your life to take your intimate space above and over anything personal.

  • Over 75% of businesses accept to be a part of the digital movement.

Most of the modern-day businesses are somewhere associated with digital transformation. They admit to this fact that they are either acquiescently adapting and responding to different practices that keep them digitally aligned or they are indirectly keeping themselves involved in the game. Most of the businesses are either building websites and apps, working on social platform presence, promoting business online, or digitizing their processes and this is taking over worldwide trends at all levels and spreads.

  • 70% of professionals feel their CEO should be knowledgeable and groomed digitally.

A survey conducted with professionals from different service domains and industry verticals depicted the fact that they like their leaders to have a decent knowledge of digital affairs. This is how they see them and their company progress in the future and keep them safe against the digital dominance that is fast taking over. They also want the idea of digital relevance and application to be transferred to their company’s culture through constant and conscious efforts.

  • For over 60% of businesses IoT-based enterprise data aids in decision-making

In the wake of connected technologies and big data, businesses are increasingly relying on digitally processed information for taking complex enterprise decisions more effectively and resourcefully. This is helping them with different functions and processes and with business-enhancing benefits. Most of the businesses admit that digitally integrated decision-making processes are playing an irreplaceable role in scaling their functional goals and accelerating their commercial success.

  • 56% of CEOs believe digital advancements have been profitable for their business.

Applying different digital practices in the business processes and introducing digitized roles in their business functions, CEOs and managers have been able to register higher profits and capital gains in business. This is influencing more businesses to pool in digitally-powered operations and marketing practices and take on to explore digital transformation in their operational niche.

  • More than half of the world’s population is under the age of 30.

This is a huge factor that is leading to digital transformation. With more than 50% of the world’s population in their youth, you have a huge number of people showing an inclination towards owning digital choices and possibilities. The tech-savvy population is more open towards owning and following the latest trends proposed by digitally-driven solutions and this applies to everything and prevails everywhere.

  • 47% of total business revenues are influenced by digitization.

Digital technologies and solutions have paved the way towards becoming employee productivity tracker an integral part of the production, distribution, and promotional programs across domains. This has made many businesses depend on digital practices and resources to induce growth and facilitate processes within their system. They are now integrating digital resources and leveraging automated facilities more than ever embracing digital transformation across the line.

To Conclude

These stats clearly show how digital transformation is taking over the trends and practices of commerce. If you don’t own them in time, you are going to lose big time on digital opportunities and lag your competitors in gaining an edge with something that is the future of everything.

Take your move towards planning to invest in the digitally driven revolution and make the most of this opportunity in time. Take help with a digital marketing services company in Jaipur to follow the right plan and course of action to best complement your idea and element of digital transformation.

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