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Gokarna Beach Trek,must visit destination in bangalore

A holy place situated in Karavali Coast between the rivers Agnashini and Gangavali, is a holies’ spot, Gokarna Beach Trek begins from Gokarna which means the cow’s tail. The center is renowned for its shiva temple, the site of ‘Atmalinga.’ Atma Linga of Lord Shiva is considered to be in the form of a cow’s ore, giving rise to the name of Gokarna. Gokarna is also praised as one of India’s seven ‘Mukti Stalas,’ or pilgrimage centres.

The town is located in Karnataka’s north-waterfront, roughly 518 KM from Bangalore. It’s not as lavish as Goa, but it is where people around the world are searching for peace for history, for sanctuaries and, certainly, the stunning beaches. It is one of the most secluded and untouched beaches in India. The location is full of equal passion for both religious and hedonistic pilgrims.

Starting from Paradise Beach, we launch the Gokarna Beach Trek and carry on Half Moon Beach, Om Beach, Kudle Beach and Main Beach. Any beach lovers are pleased with the long sandy streets of Om Beach and Kudle Beach.The beaches deliver magnificent views of the expansive Arab Sea and the infinite horizon.

From June to August, Gokarna experiences a southwest wind, which ensures a nice, sunny atmosphere. It is from October to March when it has a small, charming environment that the best time to visit Gokarna Beach Trek is. A medium-term trip to Gokarna Beach Trek makes it even more helpful and great at the end of the week.


This will be a 5 20 miles trip to Kudle Beach, the base beach of the trek, at midnight from Bangalore. A short overview will be made overnight of the trek and presentation. We encourage hikers to have light food before boarding, as the last leg of the trek through the winding roads takes place during the night. The overnight trip is really fun to make it the best spot for a beach trek at the weekend. The morning at Gokarna will give the place untouched and also a sense of joy with the waves at the beaches a feeling of sacredness and spiritualism. From Paradise Beach to Kudle Beach covering Om Beach our experience


When you’re at Paradise Beach you’ll probably recall the film ‘The Beach,’ featuring a beach residence of Leonardo Dicaprio. It’s one of the quiet beaches that was virgin and lacking a human sensitivity when we began a few years ago. Normally at Paradise Beach, there are no safe sources of food and drink.

Paradise Beach is surrounded by palm trees and rocks along the coast that can be used for bouldering. You can also find some crazy rock paintings that make it a psychedelic experience on the trip. This is one of the finest beaches on the west coast in solace


We’ll see an enormous rock on the shore known as Hell Cliff as we continue to Half Moon Beach. Our idea is to push our boundaries to the boulder, which we would like to call ‘Climb Shiva’ safely. We practice the ‘3-point technique method of climbing, and then ascend the boulder. We’re still going to say that the spotter is still there. This could be dangerous, but it is not compulsory. It’s about all those people who want to do something they may not have done before and felt the way they haven’t felt under our outdoor leaders’ guidance.


From the end of Half Moon Beach, Om Beach is 2 to 3 km long walking stretch. The strip is very sloping and plain to Om Beach. There is much wild thorny planting on the sides of the trail and a sheer drop on the other hand which gives a great view over the water. A lonely coconut tree can be seen from one point on. We will see that giant rock and name it a rock of goodwill as we go on down.


Kudle Beach is approximately 1 km away from one end to the next and we’re planning dinner in the same location. The beach is built like an arch in which the sun resides to create the most wonderful beach experience. A beach stroll from one corner to the other takes about 15 minutes. This beach provides a great experience. Here we rest and look at the beach as we hear the sound of waves striking the sea.


When the sun set in the Arab Sea you will see, the day will slowly take place in the night. The sky will change color, from black into gold, to varying shades of gray until it gradually turns into black, and we shall be by the ocean. When celestial landscapes shift their hue, the stars and the many constellations that are normally not visible from the city will be obtained.

Walking the trails at night is a totally different activity. The stars and lunar lights are there to ensure we communicate with Gokarn in the night as we trek from Om Beach to Kudle Beach.

If the activities allow, we will close the day with a lovely campfire team headed by the outdoor leaders, exchange stories and remember what will last forever! We will have a wonderful teamfire.


Towards the east the sky turns a sharp red. None are fortunate enough to witness the hillock and the beach rising from sunrise. We agree that we should give anyone personal space to explore. Early in the morning wake up all those who are keen to see the sunrise from the hill near Gokarna Beach.

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