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How to Find Motivation During Online Classes?

Motivation During Online Classes

While studying online, it could be hard for students to find the motivation that keeps their sessions interesting and engaging. You’ve got loads of work, including homework and assignments. But you’re expected to remain focused and determined to attend every class with the same level of enthusiasm and get good grades in your exams. 

You may start losing interest in a particular subject, owing to the challenges of not understanding it well. The other times, you just can’t focus on a new course as you’re stressed about your online exams. The former issue seems to be a common challenge, and you can resolve your doubts by asking your friend. For the latter one, we’ve got a solution. 

There are learning assistance portals, such as Tutors Sky, that facilitate students and working professionals and make their online study effective. You can approach a professional tutor who can take exams on your behalf. You can pay someone and ask: Can you take my online exam for me? Several students have been hiring professional test takers and getting benefitted. 

Now, let’s discuss some tips that help you stay motivated during your online sessions.

Create a Schedule

If you’re trying to focus on your online classes, creating a schedule may add to your effort. When you create a schedule, you’re able to finish the tasks timely. For example, if you’ve got A Physics assignment that is to be submitted tomorrow, you can deprioritize other tasks and find time to complete it. When you do so, you get a sense of fulfillment and are encouraged to take up other tasks enthusiastically.


In the context of online learning, socializing with your friends is no more a distraction. On the contrary, it helps you resolve doubts and find interesting ways to share knowledge. If you’ve got an assignment to complete, you can ask your classmates to help you out. During breaks, you can take time to chat with them and let them know how your day is looking ahead. Since it’s not a traditional classroom format where you all can gather and have fun, you can take advantage of chats, discussion forums, and video calls to make your online classes interesting.

Pat Your Back

When you finish a boring assignment or are done preparing for a difficult test, it’s time to pat yourself on the back. It’s good to reward yourself when you achieve small milestones. Take a coffee break or a small nap until your next session, and you’ll find yourself encouraged to do more than required. 

Seek Help 

One of the prime reasons for becoming demotivated is not having a resolution to your academic problems. You may get stuck on any one topic and find yourself juggling with it for the entire session. Well, you should immediately find a solution to this. Call your classmates and get things done. 

You can also hire online tutors to help you with the assignments and ask if I can pay you to take my online exam. If you use a learning assistance portal, your query gets matched with a suitable tutor. In case of an exam, you can visit the Tutors Sky online portal and ask: Can you take my online test on my behalf? You’ll be facilitated with relevant solutions to your query. 

So, now you know how to stay motivated and focused during an online class. Keep yourself away from distractions, such as using your smartphone excessively to shop online or chatting with your friends for a longer duration. All this can be avoided when you keep a balance between study and leisure time. 

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