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How To Choose The Right Egg Donor?

Choose The Right Egg Donor

Choosing the ideal egg donor is no joke. Intended parents have so much on their plate throughout the surrogacy process that they might miss out on some major red flags waved by their chosen donor. While you may think you finally have the preferred pool of medically fit and beautiful egg donors on your hand, there is much more to look out for.

Here are 7 warning signs a bad egg donor will send your way: 

They Skip Their Appointments

The surrogacy process is not a one-time visit to the fertility clinic. There are multiple tests involved, some of which require repeated appointments. If your donor is unable to make it to the screening appointment, tests, stimulation, retrieval steps, etc., a number of times that hinders the entire process, it may be a sign she is neither professional nor committed to the surrogacy.

They Act Reluctant At Times

There can be instances when the egg donor is not a novice, and has once donated before, but is not very keen on a second donation. In such cases, they might be persuaded by the agency or clinic to do so. These egg donors will not be completely sincere and committed in the process and should be avoided. 

Self-assumed Intelligent Egg Donors can act evasively.

Since surrogacy is a very personal and crucial decision for both the donor as well as the intended parents, a lot of questions pop up, especially by the latter to the former. The fertility clinic or the agency also requires vast information from the prospective donor to confirm their candidacy of being the ideal surrogate. An insincere egg donor will avoid many questions. Either they are not interested in answering them or are trying to hide something about themselves. 

These questions could be as severe as a severe illness in their family’s medical history, or something like getting a tattoo lately.

Concerned About Compensation

While financial compensation is a motive to enter into a surrogacy contract, it should never be the primary objective behind egg donation. If the donor is obsessed with the financial rewards they will receive rather than the altruistic wealth, it is undoubtedly a matter of concern.

They Have Criminal Record

A criminal record is never a desirable attribute for even the smartest or intelligent egg donors. Although someone’s criminal history depends on case-to-case, it inevitably carries an undertone of irresponsibility on their part. Such a pattern of irresponsible behavior can be projected in different stages of surrogacy, especially when it comes to the medical requirements of the entire process.

Your Donor Does Not Have The Support Of Their Partner

It is a major red flag if your chosen donor’s partner is not in favor of donating her eggs. The surrogacy process entails physical restrictions on sexual intercourse and other crucial activities. A non-supportive partner may also become a big cause of unwanted mental stress for the donor, as well.

They Have Other Big Commitments

It might be that your surrogacy cycle clashes with your intended donor’s significant commitments. Maybe they are planning to shift cities, or are getting married, perhaps even wanting to get married. Highly intelligent egg donors could be extremely ambitious and endlessly held-up with work. Such commitments may keep them too busy to get involved wholeheartedly in the donation process.

These red flags must be taken seriously even at their slightest projection to ensure that you and your partner do not have to deal with any hindrances in your life-changing journey.

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