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How much does the CRP test cost in India?

How much does the CRP test cost in India?

CRP stands for C-Reactive Protein. The CRP test allows medical professionals to take a look at the amount of C-reactive protein being synthesized in the body, which further helps them to identify underlying conditions within their patient’s body. 

The CRP test cost in India depends on several factors. In this article, we will be covering the basics of this test, such as what it is, preparing for the test, and its purpose. Finally, we’ll be looking at the various factors on which the CRP test cost depends along with its cost in India. 

What is the CRP test?

Inflammation is the body’s way to deal with unwanted and unrecognized pathogens that enter our system. As the temperature rises within the body, the pathogens die out. Our body produces c-reactive protein as a response to inflammation. 

The amount of c-reactive protein produced within our body can help doctors to identify the presence and nature of a variety of medical conditions. High inflammation can cause the patients to suffer from fever, nausea, chills, and so on – which are also indicative of the presence of an infection. 

The CRP test, in this way, allows the detection and treatment of infections in time. It can also be used by doctors to monitor the status of their patient’s medical conditions such as chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases. 

How to prepare for a CRP test?

A CRP test is a blood test. Hence, a small amount of blood is drawn from an arm vein of the patient using a syringe. Since this test involves assessing the blood, it is best to consult your doctor regarding any restrictions that one may need to follow a few hours before the test. 

These restrictions include not taking certain medications for about 24 hours before the blood test. One may also be advised to stop taking any supplements that consist of magnesium in a decent amount since this nutrient can alter one’s CRP levels in the body. Similarly, patients may also be asked to not take any anti-inflammatory supplements. 

Purpose of the test

The purpose of taking a CRP test is to diagnose any infection within the body. It includes looking out for:

  • Bacterial and fungal infections: fungal infections within the body can pave way for many severe medical conditions such as liver failure. This form of infection can affect any region of the body and needs to be treated as soon as possible. Similarly, bacterial infections may also lead to liver problems. They also cause hepatitis and tuberculosis in patients. 
  • Inflammatory bowel: another purpose of taking a CRP test is to check for inflammatory bowel disease in the body. Its symptom may be a sharp pain in the abdomen. It causes the intestine of the patient to get inflamed but is a fairly treatable condition.
  • Heart conditions: a high CRP level may also point to an unhealthy heart in the patient’s body. If the patient has already had a heart attack once, they are at a higher risk of getting it again due to high CRP levels and inflammation. 

Apart from the ones mentioned above, the CRP test’s purpose is also to diagnose bone infections that commute through blood flow and identify several autoimmune disorders. 

Costs of CRP test in India

Now that we are clear with what the CRP test is, its purpose, and how to prepare for it – it is now time to look at the CRP test price. There are several factors on which the CRP test price depends. It includes but is not limited to:

Your choice of clinic

Your choice of the clinic can greatly affect the costs of this test in India. Since different labs have varying types of reputations, it is understandable if the established ones charge a higher fee for their services. 

Similarly, if the clinic that you choose to get tested in recently updated their machinery with the latest models – they might charge a higher fee than the general range. On average, the CRP test costs lie within the range of 400 rs to 500 rs in India. 

Location of the clinic

Since different cities have different living standards, they have different costs for medical tests too. Hence, if you want to get your CRP levels tested in Delhi – the CRP test price for the same goes as low as 160 rs. The same test in Mumbai starts from about 400 rs. 


It is understandable if one wants to know the CRP test price in India before going to a clinic since medical checkups tend to be expensive sometimes. However, this one falls into the affordable range for many in almost every region of the country. 

Hopefully, this article will provide you with a good idea of what the CRP test comprises and its costs. Several factors influence the CRP test price, and two of the most important ones have been covered above. 

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