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A Mesmerizing Experience Kasol Kheerganga Tosh Trek

Kasol is a quaint village in the Himalayas, located at an altitude of around 1.580 m. The city is situated along the rugged river Parvati in the Parvati Valley. Kheerganga, home to natural thermal springs, is a refuge for trekkers, who come on the way to apple trees and enjoy scenic views. At an altitude of 2400 m in the Parvati Valley along the Tosh Riverbank is Tosh, an increasingly popular tourism spot.

This trek takes you through the last trilogy in the Himalayas so that you can easily visit the three picturesque cities. You can also visit the splendid Parvati Valley valleys, the hot springs of Kheerganga, the popular Israeli cafes of Kasol and camping in breathtaking mountains.

The camping sites in the three towns of Kasol, Kheerganga and Tosh, will be a multi-part camping experience throughout the trek.


The hiking begins in Kasol. By taking the train from Delhi to Bhuntar, you can reach Kasol. You can either take a bus from Bhuntar to Kasol or rent a taxi. Alternatively, you can also fly to Dharamshala or Kullu and take a bus to Kasol from there.

A great rucksack adventure tour in the Himalayas has been organized. Valley Parvati is renowned for its thick woodland of pine trees, pools of hot water, stunning waterfalls, short walks and astonishing views of the valley. Kasol was also known as Micro Israel. Mini Israel. There are popular cafes and hostels with views over the valley. You can also walk to Malana Village to visit the residents of the antique Malana Community who are descendants of the Greats army Alexander. They also have special rules for newcomers. You can also visit the picturesque village Tosh during this journey. This Trek is a simple beginning tour and you can enjoy a panoramic view of the Himalayas surrounding it.

Explore the best trees in Himachal Pradesh from Kasol to Chalal, Tosh and Kheerganga, the most stunning. Many dream destinations are the least visited, picturesque villages close to Kasol.. These villages are situated in the beautiful Parvati Valley and provide stunning views of the snowy mountains around. It is a great choice for backpackers with unpleasant routes and tough climbs and descents. Any tourist is shocked by Kasol, popular as ‘Little Israel’ and ‘Amsterdam of India,’ through colorful souvenir shopping, Israeli cafés and hippies from all over the world.Kheerganga is one of the Parvati Valley’s most popular hill resorts. It offers magical hot springs on top of a daunting trek. A dip in the thermal baths will replenish your body in cold weather and keep you warm. Go into a trance as you go deeply into the forests and chill by the river enjoying psychedelic parties. The Tosh Valley Trek also provides an incredible journey and spectacular views of the environment.

Pick up your bags and take a Kheerganga trek to Chalal, Tosh and Kheerganga, from Kasol. Launch your walk from Kasol to the lovely Chalal village. After relaxing, walk up the Tosh Valley and take advantage of a panoramic spot on the way. Take the Kheerganga summit in Tosh and chill in the hot springs to admire the heavenly views. When you’re looking for this kind of adventure, you must book this bundle instantly to get a lifetime experience.

See the untouched elegance on a misty morning at Kasol with the majestic mountains and tall trees. Get to the camping, and have breakfast by the water. Discover Hebrew cafes and fun Kasol souvenir shops. You can reach the lovely village of Chalal after a two-hour walk in the thick coniferous forest. Enjoy a trance-like experience and revitalize the spirit while relaxing by the river Parvati. Enjoy the magic of nature and enjoy the picturesque place like a lovely drawing. Return to the camp in the evening and refresh yourself for dinner. Dance through the night as the fire lights up and have a nice dinner.

Close your eyes and experience the warm air around you. Tosh, a unique hiking experience created by the Parvati Hydel Project, in the middle of the misty mountains. This little hamlet is meant to be blessed by Lord Shiva, and the priest appears to have seen the lord in the snowfall, with Parvati. Travel from Kasol to Tosh for about an hour and begin with a thrilling Tosh Valley trek. On the way back, take advantage of the scenic views as you climb up and down the gradual route. Please relax and enjoy the nature gift at the lovely waterfall at night. Have fun and make sure that the room is safe at the same time.

Get set for a surrealistic ride to Kheerganga. Take a walk to Kheerganga and find your first stop at a café after about 7 km. Here’s your half struggle won. If you think about giving up at this stage, don’t do so because you are going to be at the top of it just with a little more determination. The celestial vision of the Kheerganga mystical heat wells in the top is worth all the suffering! Take a few minutes into the water and feel cool because of the sulfur fumes. Dholak sounds and bands that sing the beats of Shiva Nataraj can also be played. Enjoy a fantastic snack and fuel yourself with a tasty dinner.

At that time you will have seen everything from wandering across the rivers to taking your life in the narrow tracks to Tosh and Kheerganga This unique journey in the middle of alpine waters, picturesque scenery, and fierce waterfalls should be encountered in any walker..

See the multi-flowered sunrise and laze under high pine trees for a peaceful morning.  Place fresh air in your soul and pure sunshine. Then go back to Kasol and get ready to leave some of your soul behind.

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